Survey: 67% of Sports Bettors Would Use Sportsbook Apps for Live Streaming

YouGov recently released new data about sports betting based on a survey of more than 2,000 US bettors and prospective bettors. While the data showcases some interesting findings about individual sportsbooks (bet365 is trending up with young bettors, for example), one major focus area could fundamentally change the industry: live streaming.

The research and findings highlighted how live-streaming sports and events within a sportsbook app could drive user acquisition and retention and increase betting activity. Let’s take a closer look.

Live Streaming and Sports Betting by the Numbers

Live streaming can be a driver of sportsbook sign-ups among users who already have an account with a different book. YouGov’s data suggests that 25% of bettors (all ages) cite live streaming as a reason to create an account with a new sportsbook. 30% of bettors 25 to 44 said the same.

Prospective bettors without any sports betting accounts are less inclined to seek out live streams in their sportsbook apps: 21% say it’s a reason for them to sign up. This puts live streaming behind many other factors, such as a good welcome offer, ongoing promotions, and word-of-mouth recommendations.

So it seems that current bettors can be swayed to use different apps with live streaming as a key draw. 32% of current bettors said live streaming would be “much more likely” to motivate their usage of an app if it were the only one to offer streaming. In comparison, 35% said it would be “somewhat more likely” to drive them to use an app.

Meanwhile, 74% of respondents emphasized the ease of placing bets while watching sports. 69% of 35-44 year olds said live streaming within a sports betting app was an important consideration. Finally, 60% of current sports bettors said they would be more likely to use a book associated with a streaming service.

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How Live Streaming Can Make A Difference

The research also asked survey responders to share their awareness of certain sports streaming brands, and they shook out like so:

  • ESPN+: 74% of sports bettors are aware of it
  • FanDuel TV: 45% of sports bettors are aware of it
  • DraftKings Network: 44% of sports bettors are aware of it

8% of sports bettors indicated they were unaware of any of those services.

This tells us two important things. First, ESPN BET is likely the best positioned to capitalize on live streaming. The sportsbooks collaborate with PENN Entertainment and the sports media brand ESPN. If the sportsbook integrates streaming meaningfully, it could stand to carve out a massive audience for itself and thus gain significant market share.

Second, we can infer that sportsbooks can do more to promote their live-streaming services. Less than half of sports bettors know FanDuel TV or DraftKings Network. Deliberate integration of those services with their corresponding sportsbooks could go a long way. Now, it’s up to sportsbooks to capitalize on the opportunity.


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