What Does Netflix NFL Streaming Deal Mean for Sports Betting?

For the next three seasons, Netflix will stream NFL games live on Christmas Day. The deal between the largest streaming service in the US and the NFL marks a shift for Netflix in the area of live programming.

NFL games are the most-watched live events in the US each year, and the league is by far the most-watched sport in the country. More people wager on the NFL than any other sport in the US, which begs a question about Netflix’s future in regards to sports wagering.

Financial details were not released for the Netflix/NFL deal, which calls for two game broadcasts on Dec. 25, 2024, and at least one on Christmas Day in 2025 and 2026. But, the sum was likely hefty to buy into the gigantic brand that is the NFL, a league that commands top dollars for the rights to broadcast its NFL Draft, let alone games. Every year, the Super Bowl draws the largest fee for a 30-second commercial spot of any programming in North America, and more wagers are placed on that game than any other single sporting event.

With sportsbooks legal in more than 35 states, Puerto Rico, and much of Canada, it’s probable that Netflix NFL programming will include sponsored content from a sports betting operator. Typically, a segment includes game prop and player prop picks, as well as moneyline odds and more.

How Will NFL Fans Watch Christmas Day Games in Light of Netflix Deal?

In a press release announcing its groundbreaking deal with Netflix to stream their games, the NFL said the Christmas Day games will still be available on broadcast TV in local team markets and the NFL+ mobile app. But, for those NFL fans outside the local markets of the teams playing, they will need to use Netflix to see the football action.

Christmas games featuring the wildly popular NFL will likely earn Netflix loads of advertising revenue. According to Sports Media Watch, NFL Christmas Day games in 2023 averaged 28.6 million viewers for broadcasts delivered on local channels via national networks CBS and FOX.

Last season, Peacock became the first streaming service to broadcast an NFL playoff game exclusively. That deal, while unpopular with many fans who couldn’t watch, is a sign of the future, not an anomaly.

How Long Before “Netflix Sports Bet” Appears?

Netflix has every incentive to find new revenue streams, and sports betting is one of the fastest-growing entertainments in the country. With the immense popularity of sports programming, it’s natural that Netflix would want to venture into a new market.

The streaming channel has been attempting to boost its bottom line in recent years in the face of competition from other services, even increasing subscription prices and launching technology to crack down on password sharing.

How long before Netflix launches its own sports betting platform or partners with an established operator? It could simply team with an operator, making them “the official sports betting partner of Netflix,” but given the nature of streaming, there may be more innovative strategies on the horizon.

At fast enough streaming speeds, Netflix could offer live betting options within its own platform. Given the interactive nature of streaming, Netflix could do things that broadcast TV cannot. Imagine being able to build a parlay in the Netflix app on your smart TV as you watch an NFL game.

Netflix’s nearly 90 million US subscribers dwarf the number of registered users from any sportsbook.

But that type of innovation and commitment to gambling is speculation only and would require a new regulatory model for streaming betting. Netflix could take millions from a sports betting partner, or even rent its name to a sportsbook, like ESPN did last year with PENN Entertainment.

For now, the Netflix/NFL deal is more proof that professional football is the real American pastime, and the NFL can practically print money due to its popularity. Those who have a Netflix subscription will see it live next Christmas when two NFL games appear on their menu.


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