DraftKings Launches New Fantasy Product ‘Pick6’ in Select States

DraftKings, a prominent player in the fantasy sports space, introduced a new peer-to-peer fantasy sports variant named “Pick6“. The fantasy variant will be based on a simple “more or less” dynamic, challenging participants to predict whether an individual player’s statistics will be higher or lower than their final total.

The announcement, made on Tuesday, revealed that the product will debut on Dec. 6. However, the initial availability will be limited to some specific states. Among the selected states set to benefit from the inaugural launch are Oklahoma, Maryland, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Tennessee.

Following its debut, Pick6 will display player selections from the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the National Football League (NFL). Embodying the essence of DraftKings’ fantasy adaptations, Pick6 is designed as a peer-to-peer competitive platform offering assured prizes.

Enthusiasts engaging in Pick6 are expected to construct lineups by selecting between two to six players from multiple teams. Participants will strategize by predicting whether each player will exceed or fall short of a designated statistical benchmark.

In a press release, Corey Gottlieb, DraftKings’ Chief Product Officer commented on the new fantasy sports variant:

“For the past decade, DraftKings has defined innovation in fantasy sports. Pick6 is the next great example of that innovation—this is a homegrown, peer-to-peer product that taps into our customers’ desire for fun, simple-to-play experiences tied to their favorite athletes. We are excited to give our customers another way to experience live sports by competing against each other.”

The newly launched Pick6 product is available on a distinct and standalone application tailored exclusively for this fantasy variant, separate from DraftKings’ primary app. Fantasy sports enthusiasts can seamlessly download this dedicated gaming application, available for both Android and iOS users.

Participants vie for prizes based on their accuracy in predicting the statistical outcomes of their selected players. This competitive edge fosters an environment where sports enthusiasts can not only test their knowledge but also engage in friendly rivalry, aiming to outsmart their peers in this dynamic gaming arena.

The streamlined core gameplay of Pick6 also includes a dynamic feature called “My Picks,” providing customers with a personalized dashboard to seamlessly monitor their submitted, live, and finalized picks. This interactive functionality elevates user engagement by enabling lineup edits, facilitating convenient fund additions, and offering real-time performance tracking.

DraftKings to Introduce ‘Progressive Parlay’ in Future Update

DraftKings continues to innovate in the realm of fantasy sports and sports betting. While introducing Pick6 as its newest fantasy sports variant, the company’s forward-thinking approach extends beyond fantasy sports with the unveiling of “Progressive Parlay,” an upcoming addition set to enhance its highly acclaimed sports betting product.

This new feature aims to offer a more inclusive wagering experience, allowing users to engage in regulated sports betting against the house. Progressive Parlay introduces a unique betting format involving player props, enabling participants to place a parlay bet where they can secure winnings even if they fail to win one or more legs of the parlay.

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