FanDuel TV Launches New Free Streaming Channel

FanDuel is steadfast in its mission to dazzle its users with a steady diet of innovative features. This is evident as the television network of the operator, FanDuel TV, launched a new channel, “FanDuel TV Extra.”

Executive Producer and SVP of FanDuel TV, Kevin Grigsby, said in a press release that the launch will enable their expansion plan while simultaneously improving customers’ needs.

“Launching FanDuel TV Extra was another important step in expanding distribution for FanDuel TV content and reaching new audiences,” Grigsby said. “Our research showed a large portion of our target audience already consumes content on FAST.

FanDuel TV Extra is a free ad-supported streaming television (FAST). At the moment, it is available on various streaming platforms, like:

  • Xumo Play
  • Plex
  • Pluto TV
  • The Roku Channel
  • FanDuel TV+ (FanDuel’s own OTT platform)

With the launch of FanDuel TV and the latest-generation OTT platform, FanDuel TV+, in Sept. 2022, FanDuel Group ushered in a new era in sports entertainment. Together, these strong pairs provide viewers with an unmatched experience and have established themselves as the premier destination for live sports action, offering an extensive lineup of content ranging from exciting horse racing coverage to elite professional basketball games and unique original series.

Content to Expect From FanDuel TV Extra

With “FanDuel TV Extra,” viewers should expect an alarming rate of sports streams compared to other FAST channels that are currently in play. Hence, this distinction will make it a hub for sports enthusiasts to frequent.

“Airing over 12 hours of live sports a day that can be wagered on significantly differentiates our channel in the market and allows us to reach a new cohort of passionate sports fans and bettors. We plan on continuing to invest in the reach of ‘FanDuel TV Extra’ by adding it to other top FAST providers in the near future,” Grigby added.

Customers should also expect other offerings like streaming of PokerStar action, PDC darts, K-League soccer in South Korea, and international basketball leagues like Pan-America’s BCLA, Germany’s BSL, China’s CBA, and Turkey’s BSL.

Watching “FanDuel TV Extra” will treat you to a unique mix of shows, including thrilling installments of FanDuel TV’s popular studio shows “Up & Adams” and “Run It Back.”

Fans can indulge themselves in player interviews and insightful evaluations of the most gripping stories in the NFL and NBA, presented by a variety of well-known personalities, including Lou Williams, Chandler Parsons, Shams Charania, Michelle Beadle, Kay Adams, and many more.

Meanwhile, a recent survey from YouGov shows that about 67% of sports bettors would use sportsbook apps for live streaming. The survey also analyzed the awareness levels of various sports streaming brands, revealing that 45% of sports bettors are aware of FanDuel TV, 44% of DraftKings Network, and 74% of survey respondents were aware of ESPN+, which boasts 25 million subscribers.

Unquestionably, FanDuel has an inventive outlook that has propelled the business to the top of its industry. Its supremacy is shown in Pennsylvania, where in March it reached a record-breaking $331 million handle.

FanDuel further amplified the Kentucky Derby experience by extending its sportsbook offerings, enriching the event’s coverage.

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