Inside Full Pull’s Truck and Tractor Pulling Sport and Betting Future

Full Pull Entertainment is a leading force in the niche sports world. The organization aims to bring truck and tractor pulling to a wider audience and—soon—a betting audience. The unique sports of truck and tractor pulling pay homage to the Midwestern farming heart of the country.

Today, Full Pull launched its mobile app, which allows fans to view a complete schedule, see real-time results, access standings, and enjoy a free-to-play competition for cash prizes up to $1,000. The app launch and free-to-play game precede a real-money wagering opportunity, which Full Pull expects to launch later this year.

Full Pull co-founder Chase Richardson said:

“Full Pull emerged to redefine the tractor pull experience, putting fans in the driver’s seat of excitement and entertainment. Today marks a pivotal moment in the history of the sport, as we pave the way for a dynamic fusion of tradition and cutting-edge technology in the sport we know and love. In time for the summer 2024 season, fans will be able to win real money by choosing winners in each competition.”

I touched base with Chase Richardson to discuss Full Pull in detail, starting with the all-important question: What the heck is tractor pulling?

Revving it Up: What is Truck and Tractor Pulling?

According to Richardson, truck and tractor pulling is incredibly simple. It’s a motorsport but doesn’t measure time or speed like NASCAR or Formula 1. The regular season runs from early June through September.

“Pulling is the only motorsport where speed and time are irrelevant to the outcome,” Richardson said. “You hook up an object to your vehicle and see who can pull it the furthest.”

The sport already has the structures and governing bodies of much larger leagues. Organizations involved with pulling include the National Tractor Pullers Association, Inc., the Outlaw Truck & Tractor Pulling Association, and the Pro Pulling League.

A “full pull,” by the way, is the term for a successful and complete pull of 350 feet.

From its roots in farming and Midwestern tradition, tractor pulling has become a passion for many. Richardson himself was born into the sport. After 10 years of coaching D1 college basketball, he left to help grow this longtime tradition.

“My father and my grandfather pulled,” he said. “Nobody in the sport does it for a living, but the amount of money and effort poured into it would make you think anyone participating is a professional. It has existed in that ‘competitive hobby’ space. Full Pull asks ‘How can we grow the sport?'”

Richardson’s experience in the more mainstream sporting world has made him see similarities between basketball and pulling.

“I coached in the NCAA tournament five times, and those experiences were remarkable. I always told my friends there’s nothing quite like the March Madness buzz, but there is. The same buzz exists in these tractor pulling events as it does in almost any sport with an avid fan base.”

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Can You Bet on Tractor Pulling?

Not yet. Richardson and Full Pull already have their free-to-play competition live with cash prizes for the highest placements. Betting is on the docket but won’t be live until later this year.

How does it compare to other sports? Richardson said there’s a unique point of comparison.

“Look at golf,” he said. “It’s unique in that one person is competing at a time on a given hole. Even when two players are paired up, they’re taking turns. Tractor pulling is the same. There’s no head-to-head play; each contestant goes one-by-one.”

According to Richardson, that aspect makes tractor pull a perfect fit for betting. He noted that many handshake-style or gentleman’s bets are made in the stands during pulling events; it’s just a matter of time for that format to be formalized and brought to life in the world of regulated sports betting apps.

Timing is everything, and Full Pull is well aware of that adage. Richardson noted the unique schedule of tractor pulling’s season makes for an ideal betting experience. It’s during the summer when, beyond baseball and other niche sports, not much is going on by way of major team leagues.

Betting could fuel tractor pulling’s big break, Richardson said.

“No overhauls are needed to make this sport more mainstream or bettable. The entire framework—wow factor, audience, technology—is there. The people in this community are the best. What’s more, I’ve never met a person who came through to an event that didn’t fall in love with this sport.”


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