Self-Serve Sports Betting Kiosks Debut in D.C.

Four bars in the District of Columbia are now offering self-serve sports betting kiosks under a new program launched by the state on July 30.

The D.C. Lottery, which manages sports gaming in D.C., unveiled the kiosks at four D.C. sports bars: Ben’s Next Door, Dirty Water, Lou’s City Bar, and Takoma Station. The kiosks enable users 18 years or older to place bets on sports during operating hours at each location. Players can also be paid out for their wins at the kiosks.

New Program Under GambetDC

The initiative is part of the District’s “GambetDC” program, and revenues from the gaming kiosks benefit the D.C. General Fund. Portions of the money earned through GambetDC kiosks is targeted for education programs and infrastructure. The host sports bars make five percent commission on the money spent at the kiosks. The D.C. Lottery plans to expand the program if it proves popular and successful in this limited launch, including to other locations such as convenience stores.

Sports betting is a form of entertainment, and we offer entertainment,” Mel Florez, co-owner of Takoma Station, told the Washington Informer.

Betting kiosks located at non-casino locations are not new. They were first put in use in Nevada and then New Jersey, and many can be found in those states in non-casino or retail sportsbook locations, like convenience stores and airports. But their use in other states and in the District of Columbia expands their availability.

The self-service kiosks in D.C. will offer betting action on the NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB, as well as horse racing and some international competitions. Currently, odds are offered for some Olympic events via GambetDC.

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