What Are The Best Super Bowl Squares To Get? Odds At Sportsbooks Tell The Tale

Odds help determine best Super Bowl squares to get at Sunday's party (image by: Rawpixel.com)

Wouldn’t it be great to play in a Super Bowl squares contest where you could pick your own numbers instead of randomly getting a 2 and a 5?

A few sportsbooks, including Caesars and Circa, offer Super Bowl squares as betting options. Rather than a random draw, bettors can pick their own numbers for the L.A. Rams and Cincinnati Bengals and make prop bets on them for the end of each quarter and full game.

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For those interested in bringing some extra fun to your Super Bowl party, we’ve got you covered. Check out our Super Bowl squares game, where can print out sheets to pass around to fellow party-goers or share the link with your friends.

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Odds Indicate Best Super Bowl Squares To Draw

Checking the odds on these squares clue us in as to the best numbers to draw in the Super Bowl squares pool you may be playing in.

Circa Sportsbook Manager Chris Bennett created the pricing for this betting market when it started two years ago. Circa’s odds help pinpoint the best combinations of numbers to have in your Super Bowl Squares contest.

As of Thursday, the combination of Rams 7-Bengals 4 had the shortest odds at +1950 for the full game. Here are the best square combinations to have for Super Bowl 56:

Rams-Bengals SquaresFull Game Odds
Rams 4-Bengals 7+1950
Rams 7-Bengals 4+2000
Rams 7-Bengals 0+2100
Rams 4-Bengals 1 +2200
Rams 3-Bengals 0 +2500
Rams 4-Bengals 0 +3000
Rams 0-Bengals 4 +3500
Rams 1-Bengals 3 +4000
Rams 0-Bengals 6+4000
Rams 1-Bengals 7+4000
Rams 1-Bengals 3+4000
Rams 0-Bengals 0+5000
Rams 0-Bengals 3+2500
Rams 0-Bengals 7+2100
Rams 1-Bengals 0+6000
Rams 1-Bengals 8+5000
Rams 3-Bengals 1+5000
Rams 3-Bengals 3+6000
Rams 3-Bengals 4+5000
Rams 3-Bengals 6+3500
Rams 3-Bengals 7+3500
Rams 4-Bengals 3+4000
Rams 4-Bengals 4+5000
Rams 4-Bengals 6+5000
Rams 6-Bengals 3+3500
Rams 6-Bengals 4+5000
Rams 6-Bengals 7+5000
Rams 6-Bengals 9+6000
Rams 7-Bengals 1+3500
Rams 7-Bengals 3+3000
Rams 7-Bengals 6+5000
Rams 7-Bengals 7+3500
Rams 8-Bengals 0+5000
Rams 8-Bengals 1+4000
Rams 8-Bengals 4+5000
Rams 8-Bengals 7+6000
Rams 9-Bengals 6+6000
Rams 9-Bengals 7+6000
Rams 0-Bengals 1+7500

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First Quarter Will Be Critical For Circa This Year

Circa won’t have to wait long on Sunday to see how it fares on this year’s Super Bowl squares.

“It’s really going to be tied to the first quarter more than any other period of the game because you’ve got some really long odds possibilities,” Bennett said. “Anything that we’ve got at 1000-to-1 or more is probably going to lose to every single one of those combinations in the first quarter. So, if it lands on one of those few key ones, it could be really ugly.”

Bennett laughed when discussing the least likely combination of 5-5 for the first quarter, and admitted Circa already has significant liability on that at 5,000-to-1 odds. To win that bet, of course, each team would have to record a safety and field goal to be tied 5-5, or at least one would somehow have to have exactly 15 points at the end of the first quarter.

“All the money that we take in the pool isn’t going to come anywhere close to what that current liability is, and it’s only going to get bigger,” he said. “We are taking a risk, but it’s also probably never going to happen in a hundred lifetimes.”

There will be some limitations on how much action Circa will take on these bets based on the squares combo payout. Liability is always the greatest concern for sportsbooks.

“We have to keep the liability within reason,” he said. “We do have a built-in implied probability in our favor, but there’s still plenty of combinations that we could lose, too. It happened to work out last year, but at some point, we’re going to lose to some of these squares.”

Tampa Bay’s 31-9 over Kansas City in last year’s Super Bowl helped Circa enjoy a nice result.

“That was a little bit of an unusual combination,” Bennett of the Bucs 1-Chiefs 9 combo. “It wasn’t one of the favorites for end of game. It worked out very well for us.”

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Turning The Idea Into Reality

Bennett was quick to credit Circa Co-Owner & CEO Derek Stevens and VP/Operations Mike Palm for making this new betting market a reality two years ago. Caesars Sportsbook has since offered these prop bets on the full game, but Circa is sill believed to be the only book offering them at the end of each quarter and the end of the game.

“The idea was to turn the traditional Super Bowl party game into a bet-able option in a sportsbook,” Bennett said. “My biggest responsibility when it came to the creation of this market was pricing it. That was a big project because I don’t think this is something that’s ever been offered before at a sportsbook.”

There is a $1 minimum bet, and Bennett used the example of a casual bettor spending $20 for 20 separate score combinations as more of the norm. That doesn’t equate to much handle obviously, but Bennett described the ticket count on these squares-based bets as massive.

“As far as ticket count, that has blown me away. People absolutely love betting the squares,” he said.

A lot of recreational bettors are familiar with the squares concept, so the idea for prop betting on squares was designed to get a wider audience involved in wagering on the Super Bowl. It has worked well at Circa Sportsbook.

“It’s not anywhere near the handle the full game is getting and some of the props,” Bennett said. “It’s really about just giving people something that’s fun (especially) for the people that aren’t really serious sports bettors.”

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