Fanatics Sportsbook Punctuates 2023 With Exclusive Connecticut Deal

Connecticut officially has a new teammate in the sports betting space. Fanatics Holdings, Inc. (FBG) announced on Dec. 1 its partnership with Connecticut, which is anticipated to take effect in the middle of the month. 

This means sports fans and bettors can get in on the action with Fanatics Sportsbook promos just in time to place some winning bets for the holiday season.

The Connecticut Lottery Commission (CLC) notes that players won more than $1.1 billion in prize money in 2023. Now that CLC and FBG have partnered, that number could grow in 2024.

Connecticut Sports Betting’s Newcomer

Compared to other major players in the game, Fanatics Sportsbook is the new kid on the block. FanDuel, for example, was founded in 2009. DraftKings launched in 2012, PointsBet in 2015, and BetMGM in 2018.

And while Fanatics the brand has gained popularity over the past couple decades for its influence in the sports apparel space particularly, Fanatics Betting and Gaming was founded in 2021. 

Its success as a sports enterprise, though, is what could possibly give the sportsbook a leg up in this new venture.

Connecticut Lottery Corporation’s Greg Smith said:

“Fanatics is the only true sports brand in the gaming space and has established itself as an innovator in the industry. We have been impressed with the Fanatics team, their aggressive entry into the US sports betting market, and we are excited to see how they redefine the sports betting customer experience here in Connecticut. CLC anticipates notable market share growth as a result of this partnership.”

The Fanatics Appeal

One thing that makes online sports gambling so appealing is the ease with which users can interact with their favorite sports betting apps.

According to the press release announcing the new deal between the two, Fanatics Sportsbook will do just that. FBG claims that they’ll make being a fan easy with its “fast signup, easy betting, transparent withdrawals, live streaming, industry leading search functionality, the ability to earn FanCash on their bets and a curated Discover page with the sports and bets that matter most to a customer.”

With all that in mind, when sports bettors want to patronize FBG in Connecticut, they’ll have 10 different retail locations throughout the states from which to choose from — and that’s in addition to using Fanatics Sportsbook online.

Fanatics Around the Country

Fanatics Sportsbook’s deal to be Connecticut’s exclusive sports betting partner will likely spell big bucks for both the book and the state, but Fanatics is making its mark in other states, too. 

Users can take advantage of the online Fanatics experience in Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. And the company boasts the only retail sportsbook inside an NFL stadium, and that’s at FedExField in Maryland.

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Erica Renee Davis

Erica Renee Davis

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