NFL Limits Super Bowl 58 Broadcast to Three Sports Betting Ads

As Super Bowl 58 draws closer, the NFL has put out a notice that only three sports betting advertisements will be allowed to air during the event.

According to the General Manager of the NFL, David Highhill, the distribution plan for advertisements will show approximately one commercial per quarter. Specifically, one ad is scheduled to air right before the kickoff, while the remaining two will be broadcast during the course of the game.

“We’ve put some policies in place to limit the amount of advertising for sports betting that happens in our live games. It’s roughly one ad per quarter. All told, less than 5% of all in-game ads are sports betting ads.”

Highhill mentioned that the NFL occasionally faces criticism for sports betting ads that are not aired during NFL games.

“There’s times when we’re held accountable for ads that are not running in our games or that are running on other sports programming or sports radio throughout the week. Unfortunately, we can’t control all ads everywhere.”

It has been disclosed in reports that the three commercials set to be broadcast belong to prominent players in the sports betting industry, which are DraftKings, BetMGM, and FanDuel.

The Super Bowl, which is slated for Feb. 11th, will see the clash of titans unfold as the Kansas City Chiefs go head-to-head with the San Francisco 49ers. The battleground for this epic showdown is set at Allegiant Stadium, nestled in the vibrant city of Las Vegas.

NFL Continues to Champion Gaming Integrity

The issue of sports betting advertising has been a source of ongoing debate and contention for an extended period. Numerous complaints have surfaced, particularly from individuals in recovery from compulsive gambling, asserting that the persistent allure of sports betting promotions exacerbates their struggle to resist the urge to gamble. Lawmakers have also entered the discussion, expressing their intent to impose restrictions on such advertising unless sportsbooks take measures to regulate themselves.

The NFL is among the numerous professional sports organizations that opposed the legalization of sports betting, primarily citing concerns about its potential to erode fans’ trust in the games’ integrity.

According to Jeff Miller, the NFL’s executive vice president of communications, public affairs, and policy, since sports betting has become legal for six years, ensuring and preserving public confidence has become the foremost focus for the league.

He emphasized the league’s commitment to integrity, underscoring the implementation of various measures. These initiatives involve comprehensive training for over 17,000 league personnel, educating them on the dos and don’ts of gambling. Additionally, strategic partnerships have been forged with third-party data and monitoring companies to bolster the league’s vigilance. Stringent disciplinary actions are in place for individuals found to have breached the league’s regulations.

Last year, the Coalition for Responsible Betting and Advertising was established, bringing together various professional sports leagues and broadcasters. Comprising entities such as the NFL, MLB, and NASCAR, as well as prominent broadcasting networks like NBC Universal and Fox, this coalition adheres to guidelines promoting responsible betting advertising.


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