Micro-Betting Platform Simplebet Announces Live Betting Expansion Deal With DraftKings

Micro sports betting start-up Simplebet has announced its biggest deal in company history. Simplebet is already operating in Montana and Washington, DC. The historic news on Tuesday will result in Simplebet and DraftKings teaming with the hope of creating a sports betting revolution.

For those unfamiliar with the company, Simplebet creates bets at the most micro level possible. Rather than betting on a full game or making a future bet, Simplebet allows you to bet on individual plays and pitches. I had the pleasure of interviewing the Simplebet CEO Chris Bevilacqua earlier this month to talk about the future of the company and sports betting as a whole. In that interview, he teased what is to come for the new company. Their product is only located in the live betting sector. They are preparing to revolutionize the industry through innovation and convenience.

To do make that dream a reality, Simplebet has a phenomenal list of leaders and investors. That investor group consists of Yahoo COO Jeff Mallett, New Jersey Devils Owner David Blitzer, Tennis legend Andre Agassi, and many more. Expect Simplebet to become a household name before long.

Simplebet Excited To Innovate With DraftKings

Talking with Chris Bevilacqua a few weeks ago he explained the lack of innovation as one of the biggest problems in sports betting. As the industry continues to grow, the product and betting options should also expand. Sportsbooks are spending most of their time and resources gaining market access to new states and acquiring new customers.

Chris even went as far as to say that sportsbooks are all copycats of each other. Simplebet is passionate about the innovation side of sports betting. Adding DraftKings to its list of operators is a big step toward innovating. Moreover, DraftKings is one of the largest sportsbooks in the country and the highest valued sports betting company on the NYSE. That kind of volume from a userbase that large is a very important step for live bettors.

Per their press release, Simplebet CEO explained his excitement for the DraftKings deal by saying,

“These types of offerings represent the next evolution of sports betting and deliver enhanced opportunities for operators and fans alike. We look forward to the successful roll-out and to showcasing the excitement that comes with micro-betting.

Below is an example of what Simplebet’s platform will look like when they officially launch with DraftKings. As you can see, the odds can be lucrative if you happen to get lucky. As this becomes more popular, many people will be looking to cut a profit from this type of betting.

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