Sporttrade To Co-Sponsor $50,000 Sports Trading Super Bowl Event

Sporttrade, a sports betting exchange startup, has become one of three sponsors for a $50,000 free-to-play sports trading contest. It’s partnering with Litquidity and ESE Entertainment to offer a $50,000 prize to the winner of BallStreet Trading’s Super Bowl event. BallStreet Trading is a free platform where players use in-game currency to trade wagers against each other.  

From February 9 to the end of the Super Bowl, BallStreet Trading will offer two Super Bowl contests. The first will be trading on which team will score 10 points first. The second will be trading on the winner of the Super Bowl. 

Players will begin with a certain number of “shares” and in-game currency to trade with. As prices fluctuate, players can buy low and sell high to grow their money pile and earn points. The final score will consist of the points won across both Super Bowl contests.

“BallStreet is bringing content to life through its live markets,” Mark Moran, Head of Growth at Litquidity, said in a statement. “Gamification of content is such a great approach. We’re seeing such a disruption in conventional media and marketing. We see significant upside with our BallStreet partnership.” 

Sports Trading  

Sports trading is an up-and-coming method of sports betting. Instead of betting on odds set by oddsmakers, bettors can trade bets like stocks. While BallStreet Trading is a free-to-play trading website, Sporttrade will be a real-money sports trading platform. So, Sporttrade views BallStreet Trading as a kindred spirit. 

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“We are thrilled to be joining three partners that share our vision and recognize the confluence of the financial markets and sports betting,” Alex Kane, Founder and CEO of Sporttrade, said in the announcement. “This partnership represents an exciting opportunity to work alongside BallStreet Trading and introduce a new way of enjoying sports wagering, by trading sports.” 

Bettors interested in these new types of sports betting platforms can dip their toes into sports trading before it becomes available for money in select markets.

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