MLB Odds 2024: Baseball Game Odds, Run Lines, Totals

Today’s MLB Odds

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MLB Scores Today & Best Available Moneylines

How MLB Odds Work

When it comes to MLB betting odds, there are dozens of options to choose from for your 2024 baseball bets. We’ll explain the most popular full-game bets, plus the partial-game wagers out there.

Don’t forget futures bets for your picks to reach the playoffs, win MVP, or win the World Series.

MLB Moneyline Wagers

MLB odds are expressed as 3-digit moneylines. All money lines are based on $100. The minus (-) on the electronic wagering display and wagering sheets next to the starting pitcher indicate the favorite. The plus (+) indicates the underdog.

For example, if the Yankees are favored to win a game with a money line of -150, that means you would need to bet $150 to win $100. If the Astros are an underdog with a money line of +100, that means you would need to bet $100 to win $100.

The higher the money line, the more likely the team wins. So, a team with a money line of -150 is likelier to win than a team with a money line of +100.

You don’t have to place bets in $100 amounts. Use the moneyline calculator for other betting amounts and potential wins.

While MLB futures are set months in advance, MLB game lines are set in the day(s) leading up to a game. Oddsmakers determine game lines by monitoring team performance. Injuries, trades, and other events that affect team performance can change the odds leading up to a game.

The announcement of starting pitchers will also impact the betting odds for any matchup. Oddsmakers can also tweak odds to balance the amount of money wagered on both sides of the line. That way, no matter who wins, sportsbooks can come out ahead.

MLB Point Spread (Run Line)

Run lines apply to baseball games the same way point spreads apply to other sports. The spread evens out the difference between a favored team and an underdog.

A game between the Colorado Rockies and Los Angeles Dodgers might have a run line of +2.5 for the Rockies (or -2.5 for the Dodgers). If the game ends with a 4-2 Dodgers victory, the Rockies bettors get the win on their betslip because the spread gave the Colorado bet an extra 2.5 points.

Spreads and run lines are typically displayed with half points to avoid betting ties.

MLB Totals (Over/Under)

Over/Unders are bets on a game’s combined point total. If bettors see a 5.5 total and believe both teams will end the game with six runs or more, bettors can place a bet on the over. Betting the teams will score under six runs would be an “under” bet.

It’s often confused with point spreads, but this is a more basic wager than a point spread.

First 3 Bets and First 5 Bets

Bettors don’t have to limit their game bets to the final score. First 3 bets and First 5 bets allow a wager to cash out at the end of three innings or at the end of five innings. Baseball is well-suited for partial-game bets because game situations reset after each half inning.

First 3 bets and First 5 bets are ideal when a bettor’s team has strong starters but a weaker bullpen.

MLB Parlays

If bettors make a bet on one outcome, that’s a straight bet. If bettors combine two or more bets into one betslip, that’s a parlay bet. Parlays are high-risk, high-reward wagers, and there’s no partial credit.

All the bets must come through for the parlay to win, but the odds are compounded so you can get much larger payouts when all legs of your MLB parlay hit.

We can help with the math. Use the parlay calculator as you consider this bet’s risks and rewards.

MLB Live Odds (In-Game)

Every major sportsbook brand and most smaller brands offer live in-game betting. They begin with the odds set before the game. Then, oddsmakers watch the game to adjust the odds based on the expected outcome.

If the Cubs were expected to lose at the beginning of the game, an unexpected comeback would flip the odds. But if the Cubs lost a player to an injury mid-game, that could change the odds, too.

As always, oddsmakers ensure the odds don’t lose the sportsbook too much money. Pay attention to odds changes to get the best odds before they change.

There are many different kinds of in-game MLB bets available for bettors to choose from during the game. They can be infinitely narrow in scope, but there are only a few main types of wagers that bettors need to understand. If they get these, bettors can understand any wager and place bets throughout the game.

MLB Prop Bets

In-game MLB prop bets are fun wagers that have nothing to do with a game’s outcome. MLB player props are some of the most common props to bet on during a game.

Most prop bets focus primarily on a player’s performance throughout one game.

Will they get more (over) or less than (under) a set number of hits or home runs? Will a pitcher notch over or under a set number of strikeouts? With MLB props, you can bet on the individual performance of players to add excitement to any game.

You can bet on game props, exotic props, and season-long props, too.

2024 MLB Standings & Best Available Futures

MLB Futures Odds

World Series odds, MLB MVP odds, and Rookie of the Year odds are some of the easiest to find when it comes to MLB futures markets. Like futures bets for other sports, MLB futures focus on long-term betting markets that won’t be decided in the next day or two. Baseball futures bets can be placed anytime throughout the year, but you’ll typically need to wait to see if your wager cashes in.

Like game lines, futures odds are set by oddsmakers with intimate knowledge of their sport.

The two main types of World Series bets are:

  • Game lines, including prop bets
  • Futures bets

Futures bettors can make large gains if they bet at the beginning of the season. Futures bets placed early in the season will be larger than the World Series’ game line.

For example, let’s say the White Sox win the World Series this upcoming year. If you placed a futures bet on them with +1,000 odds, you’d get $1,000 for every $100 you wagered. But if you bet on the Dodgers game line on the day of the World Series, you wouldn’t enjoy that same reward. A bettor who wagered $100 on a game line with -200 would only win $50. Obviously, anyone who wagered on the losing team would lose their stake.

But don’t confuse futures and game lines. Take our bet from above:


Futures odds, like the first bet, are set months in advance based on predictions from the previous season and any off-season trades, injuries, or developments. Game lines, like the second, are set only days in advance. The odds change with each game and significant team development. Sportsbook oddsmakers will change the odds after feedback from each game, important team developments, and sportsbooks’ cash distributions.

Try the futures calculator at Gaming Today before you bet on MLB odds for the entire season.

MLB Playoff Odds

By the time the playoffs come around, MLB World Series odds will shrink to the 12 teams still in contention. If a bettor’s futures bets look bleak at this point, that’s a bad sign. If a futures bet goes from promising to a long shot, it’s time to focus on game lines.

Sportsbooks also offer new ongoing promotions throughout the playoffs. Bettors may find odds boosts, parlays, and other small promotions that reward bettors for runs their chosen player makes.

Watch MLB playoff series odds to learn when to pivot from futures bets to game lines.

TeamOdds to Reach PlayoffsOdds to Win World Series
Arizona Diamondbacks
Atlanta Braves
Baltimore Orioles
Boston Red Sox
Chicago Cubs
Chicago White Sox
Cincinnati Reds
Cleveland Guardians
Colorado Rockies
Detroit Tigers
Houston Astros
Kansas City Royals
Los Angeles Dodgers
Los Angeles Angels
Miami Marlins
Milwaukee Brewers
Minnesota Twins
New York Mets
New York Yankees
Oakland Athletics
Philadelphia Phillies
Pittsburgh Pirates
San Diego Padres
San Francisco Giants
Seattle Mariners
St. Louis Cardinals
Tampa Bay Rays
Texas Rangers
Toronto Blue Jays
Washington Nationals

MLB Player Odds

Baseball Writers’ Association of America (BBWAA) members decide some of baseball’s top honors at the end of the season. Many states allow you to place bets on some of the most popular markets, including:

  • American League Most Valuable Player
  • National League Most Valuable Player
  • AL Cy Young winner (best pitcher)
  • NL Cy Young winner
  • AL Rookie of the Year
  • NL Rookie of the Year
  • AL Manager of the Year
  • NL Manager of the Year

Bet Tracking

The practice of tabulating your betting history. Advanced bet Tracking for sports betting is essential because numbers are king. Properly Monitoring and tracking your MLB bets makes you gambling royalty. Sports gamblers, novices, and veterans alike are guaranteed to improve their game with this simple hack.

States With Legal Baseball Betting

These states offer — or will soon offer — legal sports betting, either at retail sportsbook locations or at retail sportsbooks and online:

MLB betting is available in every licensed sportsbook. However, MLB lines don’t look the same each of them. Some sportsbook odds follow patterns that affect the value bettors get from their wagers.

For example, DraftKings tends to have some of the best odds on the favorite to win. FanDuel tends to favor the underdog. BetRivers has similar odds as DraftKings but has an impressive rewards system that sets it apart from DraftKings. BetMGM doesn’t follow a specific pattern, so it’s a must-check for odds-hunters.

Bettors will also find different bonuses in their sportsbooks. Deposit bonuses reward bettors for making large deposits and playing through them. Bonus bets refund lost wagers. Usually, it’s only valid for the first bet, so pay attention.

Bettors seeking a sportsbook to commit to should keep its odds trends and welcome bonus offer in mind. These are the most important features for long-term bettors.

NevadaNew HampshireNew Jersey
New MexicoNew YorkNorth Dakota
North CarolinaOhioOregon
PennsylvaniaRhode IslandSouth Dakota
WashingtonWashington D.C.Wisconsin
West VirginiaWyoming

How To Sign Up With an MLB Betting App

Knowing how to bet on Major League Baseball is important. But, understanding how to register for MLB betting apps is an undervalued area of expertise.

Finding the best app for bettors is its own strategy. Some bettors create accounts at every available sportsbook. But most people don’t want to shop the entire market for the best odds. Instead, bettors should decide what’s most important to them.

Then, they can pick a sportsbook that fits their highest priorities most of the time. Bettors who want the biggest selection of MLB wagers should register at BetMGM. Underdog bettors should wager at FanDuel and favorite bettors at DraftKings.

Once bettors have picked a sportsbook, registration is usually easy. Registration is broken into three steps, which collect personal information and create an account.

If bettors have a promo code, they’ll enter it during the sign-up process. After that, bettors deposit funds, click a set of odds to wager on and start betting.


Is MLB Betting Legal In The US? 

Yes. It’s a mainstream sport with a massive audience. It’s universally approved in state sports betting catalogs, too. Bettors will be hard-pressed to find a sportsbook that doesn’t have professional baseball lines. Some big brands may still have international baseball lines after the pandemic. 

Who Sets The Odds To Win The World Series?

Oddsmakers. These are professionals who set odds for sportsbooks. They understand baseball well and know how to predict winners. However, they also know how to balance risk on either side of the line to make sure sportsbooks remain profitable. It’s a complex tightwire act that creates the odds bettors wager on. 

How Far In Advance Can I Place MLB Future Bets On The World Series?

Before the season begins. Futures odds are based on whatever data is available at the time. At the beginning of the season, that includes information about the previous season’s strongest teams. They can also take trades, injuries, and player information into account. Futures odds can be set early, so they often are to get early money in for next season. 

Where Can I Find The Best MLB Playoff Odds? 

Bettors have to compare sportsbook odds at the time they’re made available. Game lines follow predictable patterns, but futures don’t have those same easily identifiable trends. Bettors can compare sportsbooks themselves or google sites that do the comparisons for them. It takes a little leg work, but it only takes a few minutes. 

Does DraftKings Offer MLB Odds?

Yes. DraftKings offers MLB odds for its American bettors. However, adventurous bettors can also find international baseball leagues to bet on. As of this writing, DraftKings offers baseball lines on the Caribbean baseball league, too. During the pandemic, Korean baseball was a sportsbook staple. Bettors will find MLB odds and so much more at DraftKings. 

Does FanDuel Offer Live MLB Odds During A Game? 

Yes. FanDuel offers live betting during MLB games. It’s a common offering, especially among big sportsbook brands. Live betting has its own section in FanDuel’s sportsbook. Bettors can switch between leagues in the live section, too. So bettors can start with live MLB betting, then move to different sports in the meantime.

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