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The MLB season is one of the most popular sports seasons in the country. This page will explain where to find the best odds on MLB teams and how to take advantage of those odds. But the best tip we can give you is to take MLB predictions with a grain of salt. Preseason futures odds to win the World Series predict winners no better than chance. The Dodgers won in 2020 with futures odds that started at +385 during the preseason. But the Royals had +3,300 futures odds during the preseason and won the World Series in 2015.

And that’s just our free piece of advice. 

MLB Betting Odds

Bet TypeMoneyline
Mon (8/2) @ 3:07pm ET CLE Indians +200 +220 +225 +230 +185 +225 +195
TOR Blue Jays -250 -294 -303 -263 -244 -278 -250
Mon (8/2) @ 7:05pm ET BAL Orioles +185 +220 +220 +230 +220 +225 +220
NY Yankees -227 -270 -278 -263 -278 -263 -278
Mon (8/2) @ 7:05pm ET PHI Phillies -120 -112 -115 -111 -120 -114 -115
WAS Nationals +100 -104 -105 +101 +100 -103 -105
Mon (8/2) @ 7:10pm ET SEA Mariners +135 +180 +165 +193 +185 +170 +175
TB Rays -161 -213 -200 -213 -227 -204 -222
Mon (8/2) @ 7:11pm ET NY Mets -149 -152 -149 -149 -147
MIA Marlins +125 +128 +125 +130 +125
Mon (8/2) @ 8:05pm ET LA Angels -141 -141 -141 -137
TEX Rangers +115 +115 +120 +118
Mon (8/2) @ 8:06pm ET LA Angels -132 -132
TEX Rangers +112 +112
Mon (8/2) @ 8:10pm ET PIT Pirates +165 +188 +190 +196 +185 +195 +185
MIL Brewers -200 -227 -250 -217 -227 -233 -238
Mon (8/2) @ 9:41pm ET SF Giants -161 -200 -200 -204 -208 -200 -217
ARI Diamondbacks +135 +168 +165 +183 +175 +170 +170
Mon (8/2) @ 3:07pm ET CLE Indians +2.5 -130 +1.5 -106 +2.0 -120 +1.5 +120 +1.5 -120 +2.0 -109 +1.5 -105
TOR Blue Jays -2.5 +105 -1.5 -120 -2.0 +100 -1.5 -141 -1.5 -110 -2.0 -115 -1.5 -115
Mon (8/2) @ 7:05pm ET BAL Orioles +1.5 +100 +1.5 +114 +2.5 -125 +1.5 +115 +1.5 +115 +2.0 -108 +1.5 +110
NY Yankees -1.5 -120 -1.5 -137 -2.5 +105 -1.5 -135 -1.5 -135 -2.0 -120 -1.5 -132
Mon (8/2) @ 7:05pm ET PHI Phillies -1.5 +135 -1.5 +142 -1.5 +135 -1.5 +140 -1.5 +140 -1.0 +100 -1.5 +140
WAS Nationals +1.5 -161 +1.5 -172 +1.5 -164 +1.5 -161 +1.5 -161 +1.0 -130 +1.5 -164
Mon (8/2) @ 7:10pm ET SEA Mariners +1.5 -149 +1.5 -110 +1.5 -115 +1.5 -105 +1.5 -105 +1.5 -120 +1.5 -105
TB Rays -1.5 +125 -1.5 -110 -1.5 -105 -1.5 -115 -1.5 -115 -1.5 -106 -1.5 -115
Mon (8/2) @ 7:11pm ET NY Mets -1.5 +115 -1.5 +106 -1.5 +115 -1.5 +120 -1.0 -109
MIA Marlins +1.5 -141 +1.5 -128 +1.5 -141 +1.5 -141 +1.0 -109
Mon (8/2) @ 8:05pm ET LA Angels -1.5 +125 -1.5 +125 -1.5 +120
TEX Rangers +1.5 -149 +1.5 -149 +1.5 -141
Mon (8/2) @ 8:06pm ET LA Angels -1.5 +142 -1.5 +142
TEX Rangers +1.5 -172 +1.5 -172
Mon (8/2) @ 8:10pm ET PIT Pirates +1.5 -115 +1.5 -110 +1.5 +100 +1.5 -105 +1.5 -105 +1.5 -108 +1.5 -105
MIL Brewers -1.5 -105 -1.5 -110 -1.5 -120 -1.5 -115 -1.5 -115 -1.5 -122 -1.5 -115
Mon (8/2) @ 9:41pm ET SF Giants -1.5 +100 -1.5 -128 -1.5 -125 -1.5 -130 -1.5 -130 -1.5 -132 -1.5 -132
ARI Diamondbacks +1.5 -120 +1.5 +106 +1.5 +105 +1.5 +110 +1.5 +110 +1.5 +102 +1.5 +110
Mon (8/2) @ 3:07pm ET CLE Indians o9.5 -105 o7.5 -120 o8 -110 o9 -120 o7.5 -125 o9.5 -103 o8.5 +105
TOR Blue Jays u9.5 -115 u7.5 -106 u8 -110 u9 +100 u7.5 -105 u9.5 -118 u8.5 -125
Mon (8/2) @ 7:05pm ET BAL Orioles o9.5 -115 o10 -106 o10 -105 o10 -110 o10 -110 o10.0 -106 o10 -110
NY Yankees u9.5 -105 u10 -114 u10 -115 u10 -110 u10 -110 u10.0 -114 u10 -110
Mon (8/2) @ 7:05pm ET PHI Phillies o9 -105 o8.5 -115 o8.5 -115 o8.5 -120 o9 +100 o8.5 -120 o8.5 -120
WAS Nationals u9 -115 u8.5 -105 u8.5 -105 u8.5 +100 u9 -120 u8.5 +102 u8.5 +100
Mon (8/2) @ 7:10pm ET SEA Mariners o8.5 -110 o9 -104 o8.5 -120 o9 +100 o9 +100 o9.0 -104 o9 +100
TB Rays u8.5 -110 u9 -118 u8.5 +100 u9 -120 u9 -120 u9.0 -115 u9 -120
Mon (8/2) @ 7:11pm ET NY Mets u7 -105 u7.5 -120 u7 -105 u7 -105 u7.0 -104
MIA Marlins o7 -115 o7.5 -102 o7 -115 o7 -115 o7.0 -115
Mon (8/2) @ 8:05pm ET LA Angels o7.5 -105 o7.5 -105 o7.5 +100
TEX Rangers u7.5 -115 u7.5 -115 u7.5 -120
Mon (8/2) @ 8:06pm ET LA Angels o7.5 -110 o7.5 -110
TEX Rangers u7.5 -110 u7.5 -110
Mon (8/2) @ 8:10pm ET PIT Pirates u9 -115 u9 -112 u9 -110 u9 -110 u9 -110 u9.0 -109 u9 -110
MIL Brewers o9 -105 o9 -110 o9 -110 o9 -110 o9 -110 o9.0 -109 o9 -110
Mon (8/2) @ 9:41pm ET SF Giants u9 -115 u9.5 -114 u9 +100 u9.5 -115 u9.5 -115 u9.5 -118 u9.5 -115
ARI Diamondbacks o9 -105 o9.5 -106 o9 -120 o9.5 -105 o9.5 -105 o9.5 -103 o9.5 -105

Current MLB World Series Odds

The 2021 World Series is scheduled for October 3. However, sportsbooks already have guesses about who will win. (Although, they’re probably more representative of who bettors think will win next.) 

View the latest World Series Odds.

Here is a little bit about each of the top 5 mlb teams favored to win the 2021 World Series.

The Dodgers went to the World Series three times in the last four years and won once. So, their odds of winning the World Series are unsurprisingly favorable. The Yankees have the most World Series appearances, so they’re unsurprising early predictions, too. But the other two need explaining. 

The Padres’ NL West rival, the Rockies, traded one of their strong players away, likely because of money. Wil Myers is also looking great this season, shaping the Padres into a potential World Series contender. 

The White Sox got Carlos Rodons back, which adds to an impressive pitcher roster. He’s not the best pitcher on that team, but he multiplies the White Sox’s pitching options. That’ll be useful in a long game and season.  

But MLB betting odds reflect where bettor money is going now. These preseason odds will likely look different at the end of the season. 

Sportsbooks With The Best Baseball Odds

If bettors just got sports betting in their states, they may be surprised to discover familiar names. Fantasy sports operators like DraftKings and FanDuel also run sportsbooks. Big casino brands like BetMGM or Wynn Bet, also have sportsbooks.

Then there are sports media companies, like FOX Bet and Barstool Sportsbooks, whose sportsbooks complement their sports writing and videos. All of them offer MLB lines, too. Almost two dozen states have legal sports betting. (Although, a few of them still need to get their sportsbooks online.)

States With Legal Baseball Betting

These states offer legal sports betting, either at retail sportsbook locations or at retail sportsbooks and online:

NevadaNew HampshireNew Jersey
New YorkNorth CarolinaOregon
PennsylvaniaRhode IslandTennessee
VirginiaWashingtonWest Virginia

MLB betting is available at every licensed sportsbook. However, MLB lines don’t look the same at each of them. Some sportsbook odds follow patterns that affect the value bettors get from their wagers.

For example, DraftKings tends to have some of the best odds on the favorite to win. FanDuel tends to favor the underdog. BetMGM is a free-for-all, and BetRivers almost always has the same odds as DraftKings. But, BetRivers has an impressive rewards system that sets it apart from DraftKings.

Bettors will also find different bonuses. Usually, they’re deposit bonuses and risk-free bets. Deposit bonuses reward bettors for making large deposits and playing through those deposits. Risk-free bets refund lost wagers. Usually, it’s only good for the first bet, so pay attention. 

Bettors seeking a sportsbook to commit to should keep its odds trend and bonus offer in mind. These are the most important short and long-term sportsbook features. 

World Series Betting Odds

Odds for the World Series are unique. After the World Series, sportsbooks cash in: 

  • Game lines, including prop bets
  • Futures bets

Futures bets placed at the beginning of the season will be larger than the World Series’ game line.

For example, let’s say the White Sox win the World Series this year. If you placed a futures bet on them with +1,000 odds, then you’d get $1,000 for every $100 you wagered. But if you bet on the Dodgers game line on the day of the World Series, you wouldn’t enjoy that same reward. A bettor who wagered $100 on a game line with -200 would only win $50. Obviously, anyone who wagered on the losing team would lose their stake. 

But don’t confuse futures and game lines. Take our bet from above: 


Futures odds, like the first bet, are set months in advance based on predictions from the previous season and any off-season trades, injuries, or developments. Game lines, like the second, are set days in advance. The odds change with each game and significant team development. Sportsbook oddsmakers will change the odds after feedback from each game, important team developments, and sportsbooks’ cash distributions.

MLB Playoff Betting Odds

By the time the playoffs come around, MLB series odds will have closed on the most promising teams. If bettors’ futures bets look bleak at this point, that’s a bad sign. It’s not completely out of reach, but if a futures bet goes from promising to a long-shot, it’s time to focus on game lines. Sportsbooks also offer new ongoing promotions throughout the playoffs. Bettors may find odds boosts, parlays, and other small promotions that reward bettors for runs their chosen player makes. 

Watch MLB playoff series odds to pivot from futures bets to game lines.

MLB Game Odds

MLB game lines are sportsbooks’ bread and butter. Bettors will find MLB moneylines, point spreads, and over/unders (or totals). Moneylines are bets on who will win. Point spreads are bets on the difference between the teams’ scores. Finally, over/unders are bets on whether the teams’ combined scores will be higher or lower than the score displayed. Each of these wagers depends on the game’s outcome. (We’ll get to why that matters in the prop bets section.)

While MLB futures are set months in advance, MLB game lines are set days before the game. Oddsmakers determine game lines by monitoring team performance. Injuries, trades, and other events that affect team performance can change the odds leading up to a game. Oddsmakers can also tweak odds to balance the amount of money wagered on both sides of the line. That way, no matter who wins, sportsbooks can come out ahead. 

MLB Live Odds

Every major sportsbook brand and most smaller brands offer live in-game betting. They begin with the odds set before the game. However, oddsmakers watch the game to adjust odds based on the expected outcome. If the Cubs were expected to lose at the beginning of the game, an unexpected comeback would flip the odds. But if the Cubs lost a player to an injury mid-game, that could change the odds, too.

And as always, oddsmakers are making sure the odds don’t lose the sportsbook too much money. Pay attention to odds changes to get the best odds before they turn. 

Placing MLB Prop Bets

Bettors have many choices for MLB prop bets. MLB player props are among the most common. MLB Rookie of the Year odds will be some of the easiest to find in the prop bets section. However, awards are common props, too. MLB MVP odds will dominate many prop bet sections, too. Like game lines, these odds are set by oddsmakers with intimate knowledge of their sport. 

And of sports developments, of course. 

However, there are weird prop bets, too. There’s a prop bet floating around with odds on the Cleaveland Indians’ new name. It won’t be cashed in until after 2021, but it’s worth watching for bettors who want to check out special props. 

FAQs – MLB Odds And Picks

Is MLB Betting Legal In The US? 

Yes. It’s a mainstream sport with a massive audience. It’s universally approved in state sports betting catalogs, too. Bettors will be hard-pressed to find a sportsbook that doesn’t have professional baseball lines. Some big brands may still have international baseball lines after the pandemic. 

Who Sets The Odds To Win The World Series

Oddsmakers. These are professionals who set odds for sportsbooks. They understand baseball well and know how to predict winners. However, they also know how to balance risk on either side of the line to make sure sportsbooks remain profitable. It’s a complex tightwire act that creates the odds bettors wager on. 

How Far In Advance Can I Place MLB Future Bets On The World Series?

Before the season begins. Futures odds are based on whatever data is available at the time. At the beginning of the season, that includes information about the previous season’s strongest teams. They can also take trades, injuries, and player information into account. Futures odds can be set early, so they often are to get early money in for next season. 

Where Can I Find The Best MLB Playoff Odds? 

Bettors have to compare sportsbook odds at the time they’re made available. Game lines follow predictable patterns, but futures don’t have those same easily identifiable trends. Bettors can compare sportsbooks themselves or google sites that do the comparisons for them. It takes a little leg work, but it only takes a few minutes. 

Does DraftKings Offer MLB Odds?

Yes. DraftKings offers MLB odds for its American bettors. However, adventurous bettors can also find international baseball leagues to bet on. As of this writing, DraftKings offers baseball lines on the Caribbean baseball league, too. During the pandemic, Korean baseball was a sportsbook staple. Bettors will find MLB odds and so much more at DraftKings. 

Does FanDuel Offer Live MLB Odds During A Game? 

Yes. FanDuel offers live betting during MLB games. It’s a common offering, especially among big sportsbook brands. Live betting has its own section in FanDuel’s sportsbook. Bettors can switch between leagues in the live section, too. So bettors can start with live MLB betting, then move to different sports in the meantime.

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