Bellagio re-opens doors to guests

Always the epitome of class and elegance, the Bellagio reopened its doors Thursday morning to droves of guests excited to be back on the premises.

With a line that stretched around the building, visitors were greeted by hundreds of employees of all types as well as the gorgeous fountains in front of the property which have become an iconic part of the Las Vegas Strip. Some were checking in while others sped to their favorite casino games.

Always at the forefront with new ways to entertain and accommodate, the MGM Resorts property has made a few changes in order to keep everyone safe. There were no temperatures taken at the entrance. It is recommended that guests wear facemasks, but it is not required.

There are only a few required situations in which a mask must be worn. If you are to play roulette or craps, you must wear a mask. Also, if you are in an elevator with other guests you are asked to have a mask on. If you smoke, they ask that you get up from the tables and stay six feet away.

Everyone seemed to very happy and had no problems with the guidelines. There are sanitizing stations available throughout the property. There are partitions between slot machines and on all table games.

Carol Rice, who was visiting from San Diego, said: “Wearing a mask doesn’t bother me, I know they just want us to be safe. I haven’t even checked in yet because I needed to come play my slot machines first. It’s been almost three months since I’ve gambled.”

The race and sportsbook had a few players on the race side. Sal “Jilly” Rizzo, a Las Vegas local transplanted from Brooklyn said, “I have been sitting in this same chair in the race book every single day for 21 years. I am happy to be back, betting Belmont among all my friends.”

The Bellagio is known to have some of the best restaurants in the world. Currently, Sadelle’s Cafe, Mayfair Supper Club, Prime Steakhouse, and Lago are all open along with several quick serve outlets. You can also enjoy a drink at any of three bars, the only requirement is that you must be sitting on a bar chair or at a table, no walkups.

The pool is open as well as the conservatory with plans in the works for the showroom, art gallery and poker room to reopen soon.

“We are thrilled to be back and making great memories for our guests,” said Luis Lamar, Bellagio’s VP of Sales and Group Appreciation. ”We are doing everything we can do bring Vegas back to being Vegas.”

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