Can You Bet on the NFL Draft in North Carolina?

The debut of North Carolina sports betting is nearly upon us. The Tar Heel State will host a bevy of sportsbook apps, and in turn, those apps will allow bettors to wager on all sorts of events. One such event is the NFL Draft. Yes, you can bet on the NFL Draft in North Carolina. Here’s what you need to know.

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NFL Draft Betting Is Allowed in North Carolina

The North Carolina State Lottery Commission oversees sports betting regulations in the state. The organization has the final say on which sports are offered at sportsbooks. The current list allows for NFL Draft betting. Here are the NCSLC’s parameters for draft betting:

  • Pre-draft offerings pertaining to the entire draft must be placed and accepted before the first pick in the draft. For example, you can only bet on “X players from a specific school to be drafted” ahead of time. You can’t place such bets after the draft has begun.
  • Round-specific bets must also be made before the first pick of the earliest round in the bet. For example, a bet on whether player X will be drafted in the third round must be placed and accepted by the sportsbook before the initial pick of the third round.
  • Pick- or selection-specific bets must be accepted two selections before the pick in question. In other words, you can bet on the 20th pick up until pick number 18 is announced.

The 2024 NFL Draft takes place Thursday, April 25 through Saturday, April 27, 2024, so North Carolina bettors have plenty of time to prepare. Here’s a quick preview of the current odds and top prospects.

Current NFL Draft Betting Favorites and Markets

Bets on the 2024 NFL Draft include the No. 1 pick, No. 2 pick, and much more. Right now, the No. 1 pick market shakes out like so:


Other markets at DraftKings include bets on which team will draft a certain player and “Mr. Irrelevant,” aka the position of the last player drafted.

The NFL Draft has become almost as bettable and engaging as the NFL itself. Peruse the odds at your favorite North Carolina sportsbook(s) to find the ideal lines and place your bets.

What Can’t You Bet on in NC?

While NFL Draft betting is completely legal in North Carolina (once sportsbooks go live, anyway), there are plenty of things that are prohibited. For example, the NCSLC prohibits betting on any youth sports. That’s common in pretty much every legal sports betting market, though. Other restrictions include bets on:

  • The occurrence of injuries
  • The occurrence of penalties
  • Outcomes of disciplinary proceedings against an athlete or participant in a sporting event
  • Replay review outcomes

Licensed sportsbooks in North Carolina can submit requests to add new sports or events directly to the NCSLC. At the moment, the organization isn’t accepting new petitions for additional betting markets, but we expect that to change once NC sports betting is up and running.



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