Coping with quarantine in Vegas

Las Vegas power couple Murray Sawchuck and Dani Elizabeth are two of the most recognizable and hardest working entertainers on the Strip.

Millions around the world know Murray the Magician from his appearances on America’s Got Talent, Masters of Illusion, and over 20 reality shows. A winner of dozens of awards nationally and internationally, including the title of “World Champion,” the Tropicana Las Vegas headliner also dubs as the regular comedy act at the hit show “Fantasy” at the Luxor Hotel & Casino.

Starting as a dancer in America’s longest running burlesque show, Crazy Girls at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, Elizabeth is now the host of the hit show as well as also being a featured dancer. Every Saturday, she runs over to the Trop to fill in as Sawchuck’s sidekick.

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Together for 2 1/2 years, they have worked out a way for their crazy schedules to function like a Swiss clock. An average day sees them up early and not arriving back home until midnight. But since the coronavirus, nothing about their day is average.

“Normally, we go to bed and ask each other, ‘What are you doing tomorrow?’” she said. “Now, we plan what we are doing together for the following day.”

During their self-quarantine, they now wake up together, work out, and then get their day started. Dani becomes a director as they contribute to her Tik Tok account (@danielziabeth7) and has also taken over the reins as production boss for Murray’s popular YouTube channel (, where he has over 1.7 million subscribers and over one billion views, adding new videos regularly.

She has also designed wardrobe and choreographed numbers for Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top for when they return to the Venetian. On top of all that, Dani also handles all social media for Crazy Girls.

Sawchuck continues to give a daily hand to countless charities such as Three Square, Nevada SPCA and Nevada Library to name just a few. He has a chance to fulfill a lifelong dream and perform on the stage at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood for a livestream show this week.

Sawchuck is also putting out a compelling, three-part series on his YouTube channel with Jeff Lowe of Tiger King fame, the hottest show on Netflix this season, starting June 3.

“The greatest thing the current health issue has taught me is how much I love my family, my friends, and performing for my many fans,” he said.

Both have adjusted during the COVID-19 crisis and are anxious to get back to a normal routine.

“I went into the pandemic, how we as entertainers can control things,” Dani said. But I have realized there is so much out of our control. So we must adapt and grow.”

Be sure to check for the reopening of Sawchuck’s Tropicana magic and comedy show, his comedy contributions at Fantasy, as well as Dani’s show, Crazy Girls. For now, follow them on social media and view his YouTube channel.

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