Juice Reel Subscription Shows App’s Best And Worst Sports Bettor Picks

Juice Reel announced a new subscription service intended to help sports bettors make wagering decisions, the company said in a press release emailed to Gaming Today. The tool, branded Crowdsourced Insights, shows the top 10% of sports bettors’ picks and the bottom 10% of bettors’ picks.

In theory, bettors can use this data to improve their sports betting strategies by allowing them to tail profitable bettors.  

Juice Reel is an app that tracks sports bettors’ wagers across over 250 sportsbooks, including DraftKings and FanDuel. It also provides analytics that allows bettors to track their wagers in terms in terms of best bet types and overall profitability.  

“Bettors have never been able to receive such a detailed yet easy-to-read analysis of betting markets, only made possible by our high-quality automation tools and use of data science,” Juice Reel CEO Ricky Gold said. “With these insights, individuals really do have a better understanding of the overall betting landscape and can make more informed decisions when placing their next bet.”

Caveats To Using Juice Reel Subscription

Juice Reel positions itself as an engagement and retention tool for sportsbooks. Its press release claims it “is bringing more bettors and more betting activity to sportsbooks.”

This is a community tool for bettors, but Crowdsourced Insights isn’t necessarily giving out positive expected value picks.  

The best and worst sports bettor picks that Crowdsourced Insights offers are from other Juice Reel users. So, this gives sports bettors an idea of how other Juice Reel users are doing. This isn’t the entire sports betting market in aggregate. The data may be useful on some level, but Juice Reel isn’t giving sports bettors access to a betting syndicate’s or a sharp’s picks.  

Sports bettors still have to shape their own strategies with help from the data Crowdsourced Insights provides. 

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