Sportradar’s Augmented Streaming Uses AI to Enhance Tennis Sports Betting Experience

The recent Indian Wells tennis tournament included a unique technological update this year. Sportradar introduced its “Augmented Streaming” solution to bring tennis fans and bettors a more dynamic live viewing experience. Here’s how augmented streaming looks in action:

How Augmented Streaming Uses AI to Change the Game

Sportradar’s augmented streaming solution uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision technologies in tandem to create a streamlined overlay that amplifies the viewing experience and improves sports betting information.

Take serve speed as an example. The speed of any given serve is a key talking point for pundits, announcers, and fans alike. Certain tennis players even build their game around the foundation of their gnarly serve speed.

Augmented streaming makes serve speed (and countless other aspects of a match) more prominent. It allows for richer storytelling and higher engagement from viewers. In addition to measuring the speed of a serve, it’s possible to measure the speed of every shot during a rally.

The AI within augmented streaming processes those data points to calculate the average shot speed and count the total number of shots in the rally, visualizing the output within the stream. It’s all neatly packaged and delivered to viewers with ultra-low latency.

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Patrick Mostboeck, Senior Vice President and a focus on customer retention at Sportradar, explained how augmented streaming can remove barriers to entry for new or casual tennis fans:

“This is absolutely our intention. We have invented and are developing this product to help in educating viewers about the sport and what’s going on during the game. In addition to providing additional entertainment and keeping the viewers engaged longer, the content will provide additional transactional opportunities or microbets.”

The AI element is crucial to augmented streaming. Mostboeck and Sportradar see it as a new frontier for the industry:

“From a Sportradar perspective we absolutely believe in the power of connecting (deep) data and video in order to create more compelling products for the audiences of today and tomorrow. We are working on similar experiences in multiple directions and especially in our major partnerships with ATP and NBA.”

Betting Impact

Patrick Mostboeck thinks augmented streaming could significantly impact sports betting within tennis and beyond.

“We are about to introduce new markets to tennis betting. Presently most betting on tennis is focused on game – set – match and we are utilizing augmented streaming as an important tool to visualize those markets. The results being educating, entertaining, and providing additional opportunities for bettors.”

Enhanced visuals within augmented streaming make it easier for bettors to understand whether a particular bet hit, especially in the case of prop bets or other micro-markets.


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