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MLB Sports Betting News

Almost half the country has legalized sports betting. That’s given MLB fans great opportunities to bet on MLB games. In legal sports betting states, MLB online gambling is one of the most popular forms of sports betting. Below, we’ll examine MLB betting trends and arm you to make sound MLB betting predictions. Let’s dive in. 

Best MLB Betting Sites 

While MLB bettors have many sportsbooks to choose from, there are a few brands that are particularly attractive to them. They have competitive odds, creative parlays, and odds boosts. Here are some of the best MLB sportsbooks on the market. 

BetRivers Sportsbook

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BetRivers has many game lines and futures bets available for MLB bettors. But it also has profit boosts on MLB lines. It offers boosts on many different sports, like a 20% profit boost on baseball lines available every Monday. Expect similar promotions when baseball season starts. 

Caesars Sportsbook

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Caesars Sportsbook acquired William Hill in 2021, and took over its Liberty betting platform. William Hill odds aside, bettors can browse many MLB boosts at Caesars. The app offers boosted parlays and props. For example, it offered +1,400 odds on Shai Gilgeous-Alexander to record a triple double at the end of January 2021. Bettors who like specials and risks should check Caesars Sportsbook for baseball odds. 

BetMGM Sportsbook

Visit: BetMGM >> Claim up to $600 in risk free bets

BetMGM offers a unique easy parlay builder as one of its first betting categories. Baseball fans will have many ways to bring their wildest betting ideas to life with this feature. If baseball wagers are anything like BetMGM’s basketball wagers, BetMGM will have the most diverse set of available wagers. 

FanDuel Sportsbook

Visit: FanDuel >> Claim up to $1,000 in risk free bets

For bettors who like betting on the underdog, FanDuel is a promising MLB sportsbook choice. Its underdog odds tend to be better than most of the market. It’s not true every time, so bettors still have to check. But this is a good sportsbook for bettors who think the Pirates will be competitive. 

DraftKings Sportsbook

Visit: DraftKings >> Claim a 20% deposit match bonus up to $1,000

One of the best-known sportsbooks on the market, DraftKings offers great MLB sports betting options. DraftKings odds tend to be most competitive on the favorite to win. This could be a good sportsbook for Dodgers fans! 

What To Look For On An MLB Betting Site 

What bettors want in an MLB sportsbook depends on bettors’ MLB betting strategies. If bettors wager on specials, then they’ll need to find sportsbooks that offer creative parlays and many bet types. BetMGM would cater to this type of bettor well. But if bettors rely on analysts’ MLB game picks, then a standard selection of MLB game lines will be enough. At that point, bettors will have to adjust their sportsbook picks to their trusted analysts’ picks. DraftKings is good for favorites, and FanDuel is great for underdogs. But always check the odds! These are trends, not rules. 

MLB Gambling Bonus Offers

Most sportsbooks offer welcome bonuses, like deposit bonuses or risk-free bets. However, these are only available for a short time under strict conditions. DraftKings’ $1,000 deposit bonus actually requires bettors to deposit funds, then gamble that money before getting bonus credits. 

However, smaller ongoing promotions offer odds boosts, parlays, and other special deals with increased odds. Boosts like DraftKings’ +400 offer on Giannis and Zion to record six or more combined dunks. It was boosted from +250. MLB fans will have to watch for these boosts’ equivalents. (Don’t be too gung-ho about boosts like these. The odds are in the sportsbook’s favor, not yours.) 

How To Sign Up For An MLB Betting App 

Most MLB betting tips describe how to bet. But understanding how to register for MLB betting apps is an undervalued area of expertise. 

Finding the best app for bettors is its own strategy. Some bettors create accounts at every available sportsbook. But most people don’t want to survey the entire market for the best odds. Instead, bettors should decide what’s most important to them. Then, they can pick a sportsbook that fits their highest priorities most of the time. Bettors who want the biggest selection of MLB wagers should register at BetMGM. Underdog bettors should wager at FanDuel and favorite bettors at DraftKings. 

Once bettors have picked a sportsbook, registration is usually easy. Registration gets broken into three steps that collect personal information and create a log in. If bettors have a promo code, they’ll enter it during signup. After that, bettors deposit funds, click a set of odds to wager on and start betting. 

Types Of MLB Bets That Can Be Placed 

There are many different kinds of MLB bets for bettors to choose from. They can be infinitely narrow in scope, but there are only a few main types of wagers bettors need to understand. If they get these, bettors will be able to understand any wager. 

MLB Moneyline

This is a basic win/lose bet. If a bettor picks the Dodgers to win, then that bettor has placed a moneyline bet. 


MLB Betting Over/Under 

Over/Unders are bets on a game’s combined point total. If bettors believe both teams will end the game over a combined score of six, bettors can place an over bet. Betting a team would score under six runs would be an under bet. 

It’s often confused with point spreads, but this is a more basic wager than a point spread. 

MLB Point Spread 

The point spread is a bet on the point difference between the winner and loser. If bettors think their team will lose by less than three points, they can place that wager. Points are also displayed with half points to avoid ties. These bets also give bettors who want to wager on bad teams a shot at winning. 

MLB Parlay

If bettors make one bet on one outcome, that’s a straight bet. If bettors combine two or more bets into one bet, that’s a parlay bet. Parlays are high-risk, high-reward wagers, and there’s no partial credit. All the bets must come through for the parlay to win. 

MLB Futures 

MLB futures betting is the riskiest way to bet. These are long-term bets on the outcomes of the entire season. Predicting these in advance is challenging, but rewarding for bettors who can pull it off. 

MLB Prop Bets

Prop bets are fun bets that don’t have anything to do with a game’s outcome. MLB player props are some of the most common props throughout every part of the MLB season. Bettors will find MLB bets like how many wins pitchers get. But they’ll have to pay attention to how many games the prop bet covers. It might cover 60 games instead of all 162. 

BetMGM offered this type of wager in 2020. Odds were -125 for any pitcher to get nine wins. (It looked like 8.5  wins to make sure a pitcher got at least nine to eliminate confusion.)

MLB Live Betting 

Live betting is a staple of sports betting no matter where it’s legal. Live in-game bets allow bettors to wager mid-game. It’s a great way for bettors to test their intuitions. They can bet when the game seems to go in their favor or bet on a mid-game comeback. 

Sportsbook apps put live betting in one of two places. Bettors can sometimes find the live bets right on the home screen. But there’s almost always a dedicated live betting section where bettors can filter sports more easily. Anyone who wants to feel involved in the game will feel right at home in their sportsbook’s live betting section. 

MLB Playoff Betting 

Dedicated MLB seasons like spring training. But playoffs are when everybody starts paying attention to MLB betting. Anyone betting on the MLB playoffs will find more promotions, odds boosts, and specials. However, bettors must pay attention to every part of boosted parlays. Betting on a Dodgers player getting a certain number of runs is one thing. But if the Pirates need to win for the parlay to come through, that boost is a no-go. 

These specials help sportsbooks balance wagers on both sides of the line. They’ll be making sure they don’t lose too much money when betting peaks during playoffs. 

MLB Playoff Betting

Baseball betting peaks during the MLB playoffs. No matter what sportsbook bettors pick, they’ll find World Series lines. Live betting will be available, too. Sportsbooks will have their boosts, parlays, and bonuses out in force to keep their liabilities low. Bettors will be cashing in futures at the end of the World Series. Sportsbooks will be watching their cash reserves, so they’ll be finding ways to grab bettor money. Watch for competitive underdog odds in the live betting section to draw wagers onto the less likely side of the line. 


FAQs – How To Find MLB’s Best Bets

Is Betting On MLB Legal In The US? 

Yes. Major League Baseball is an internationally recognized league. Its universally recognized and accepted rules put it into every state’s catalog of accepted sports. That’s why bettors can find it in every state with legal sports betting. But MLB betting remains illegal in states that haven’t legalized it. 

Where Can I Bet On The MLB?

Any licensed sportsbook. Bettors will find MLB lines at major sportsbook brands. However, casino-owned sportsbooks will offer MLB wagers, too. All bettors have to do is pick their sportsbook, sign up, and place their bets.  

How Old Do I Need To Be To Bet On MLB Games? 

21. Although some states have a legal gambling age of 18, no sportsbook allows bettors that young to gamble. Sportsbooks are often confined to casinos, which have liquor licenses. Those liquor licenses keep bettors under 21 from retail sportsbooks, and for convenience, off online sportsbooks. 

Do All Legal Online Sports Betting Apps Offer MLB Lines? 

Yes. For the same reason that it’s legal in every sports betting state, MLB lines are in every sports betting state. Each state has an approved sports catalog that includes sports, leagues, and wagers that sportsbooks can offer. MLB rules are clear and everyone knows them. So, bets are fair.

Are MLB Betting Apps Safe To Use?

Yes. They’re field tested by independent auditors before launch. It’s often the final hurdle sportsbooks must clear before securing their licenses and going live. Between industry regulations and a powerful desire to remain in business, sportsbooks invest heavily in security. 

How Do I Find The Best MLB Betting Picks? 

Sportsbook forums. Some sportsbooks, like SBK, have in-app forums where bettors can communicate. Bettors can also see each other’s betting histories, so they can see who’s legit and who’s blowing smoke. Interviews with professional sports bettors could answer process questions, but rarely about specific bets. Bettors will need to parse analyses of their teams for that.

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